Virtual Inks Inc. was created to be a "One-Stop Shop" for mostly anything comic created. You always had the idea or the story that you wanted to fully realize. You want a price on putting a comic book together? A short story illustrated? Maybe something as basic as your character drawn from scratch?... A commission?

VII offers a range of options to the client.

As a comic book veteran for 29 years I have made a lot of connections. I have a wealth of talented and ambitious artists at my fingertips. Pencil artists, ink artists, colorists and letterers. My job is to offer you, the client, a price and options that fit into your budget for a job you have always wanted to have done, but never knew how to go about it.

I started this virtual studio with the support of the three very talented and developing artists that I am starting it with. I urge you to take a look at their bio's and see what artist best suits your needs. If VII as a base studio does not initially meet your needs, I have a plethora of other talent on stand by as I need them.

So...Thanks for looking and feel free to reach out to me with any thoughts, questions or info on price quotes...

Mark McKenna
Founder of Virtual Inks Inc.